Mission Statement

After a decade of kickstarting every new year with an annual parking lot sale at Biltwell’s Temecula headquarters, we raised the bar in 2020 by moving our scratch-and-dent extravaganza to Storm Stadium in Lake Elsinore. We learned a lot from the success of that event and put together a plan for something even bigger and better for 2022.  

The 2023 Parts & Labor Custom Motorcycle Expo at Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego will be just what its name implies: a place builders, bike riders, and bargain hunters can go to see bikes, meet people, and score deals on the best riding gear, parts and accessories available.


Spectator Info

Hosted indoors for one day only at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego, Parts & Labor Custom Motorcycle Expo is the ultimate destination for shaking off the holidays with like-minded motorcycle enthusiasts:

Custom Bike Show

Dozens of custom motorcycles will be on display, each one hand-crafted by a builder specially selected for the event. Machinery and talent of this pedigree are rare, and don’t come cheap or easy.

Bike Show Classes:

If you think your custom motorcycle belongs in the Parts & Labor Bike Show, click the button below to submit your bike and photos via email to: events@biltwellinc.com. We’ll notify you by email if you make the cut.



Dozens of vendors are showing at Parts and Labor Custom Motorcycle Expo, many selling overstock and scratch-and-dent merchandise with huge discounts. Premium brands on hand will include Biltwell, Speed-Kings, Dixxon, Rusty Butcher, Icon, Duane Ballard Custom Leather, and many others.

Every space at Parts & Labor Custom Motorcycle Expo is premium, and boasts features that make set-up and merchandising fast and profitable:

To purchase a vendor booth, contact lisa@biltwellinc.com today